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Green bonds are a promising tool for mobilizing capital for climate-friendly projects. Green Bond evolved since the thematic bond market started in 2008 by World Bank through issuance of the first labelled green bond (Thapliyal S., ET, 2023). In India, Green Bond is still in its infant stage and has long life to survive. Survival of Green Bond in India highly depends on the government’s role to address few challenges that need to be resolved in order to fully harness its potential. The growth of the green bond market in India will depend on a number of factors, including the level of awareness among investors, the development of clear regulations and standards, and the provision of support for green bond issuers. Indian Government has started its move to lead sustainable finance by issuing its own sovereign green bond first time in January, 2023. The global market for sustainable finance has registered considerable growth since 2014 mainly led by the issuance of green bonds (Manglunia A., ET, 2023). India in the long run will have to aim to compete globally for sustainable finance. In this research paper, researchers have tried to evaluate history of Green Bond in India to achieve better targets in future as one of the tool of sustainable finance.

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