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This study analyses Tehmina Durrani’s novel Happy Things in Sorrow Times, focusing on the intricate portrayal of war and displacement, particularly on children. The research delves into the nuanced ways armed conflict disrupts lives and reshapes identities. Through meticulous analysis, the study aims to unravel the psychological and emotional impact of war on characters. By examining Durrani’s treatment of displacement and its effects on personal and cultural identities, this research contributes to understanding the lasting repercussions of conflict on the human psyche. It employs a multidisciplinary approach, integrating literature, psychology, and cultural studies to illuminate the complexities depicted in Durrani’s work.

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Sangeeta. (2023). Unravelling the Threads of War and Displacement in Tehmina Durrani’s Happy Things in Sorrow Times. International Journal for Social Studies, 9(11), 1-10. Retrieved from