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With the fastest eras of information communication technology, Education requires an innovative methods and strategies of teaching learning process. The relationship between technology and education at all levels is bi-directional. According to NEP 2020, Digital India Campaign is helping to make over the whole nation into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. While education will play a critical role in this transformation.  ICT play an important role in the improvement of educational processes and outcomes. The present study is to explore the recent trends of ICT and role of ICT in Indian higher education system. Finding of the study revealed that the usage of ICT in education will increase the interest, motivation, excitement and learning capacity among students during the teaching learning process. ICT enhance the learner interest, gives flexibility to the students, enhance motivation, give freedom to the students, increases the learner potentials and capabilities etc. Some resources of educational technology such as smart devices, digital cameras, social media platform, software applications and better facilities of internet.  Further found that when we have best resources according to the recent trends of ICT and facilities for the implementation of information communication technology, the teaching process will be skilful and reached at higher standard and students will gain more and more knowledge. Education through ICT is very effective and successful such as through the interactions between students and teachers, peer groups and course materials etc.

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