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Socio-cultural issues hold a significant place in Indian fiction as they provide a lens to understand the diverse social and cultural dynamics within the country. This abstract explores the socio-cultural issues depicted in the works of renowned Indian author Sudha Murthy, with a special reference to her fiction, specifically "Dollar Bahu" and "Wise and Otherwise." Sudha Murthy's writing reflects her keen observation and portrayal of the complexities of Indian society, addressing various themes such as caste-based discrimination, gender inequality, communal harmony, social disparities, and women's empowerment. Sudha Murthy's works also advocate for women's empowerment, addressing gender inequality and women's agency in Indian society. By examining these socio-cultural issues in Sudha Murthy's fiction, this abstract underscores the author's role in illuminating and fostering dialogue around the multifaceted aspects of Indian culture, identity, and social dynamics.

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Dr. Rajesh Dattatray Zankar. (2023). A Role of Socio-cultural Issues in Indian Fiction with Special Reference to Sudha Murthy’s Fiction. International Journal for Social Studies, 9(7), 1-6. Retrieved from