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The article provides detailed analysis which reveals the ways to carefully manage to balance the structure of contemporary poetry with the intended meaning. The research provides space for a simultaneousness of contemporary poetry and its linguistic peculiarities which are melded in the tension between poetic form and explicit meaning, within which the modern poets create and assert their voice. While conveying the research we discovered that poem is a peculiar composition. At first glance, the reader recognizes the traditionally ‘poetic’ text as such by its line breaks, stanzas, and perhaps rhymes. Later, however, poetry in contemporary English did not meet with the same level of appreciation from the public. We analyzed the linguistic peculiarities of contemporary poetry and drew conclusions according to our findings.

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Qarshiyeva Kamola Xo`jamuratova, & Djabbrova Kizlarxon Abdulakhatovna. (2023). Linguistic Peculiarities of Poetry in Contemporary English. International Journal for Social Studies, 9(4), 35-44. Retrieved from