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Several academics regard Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a useful business tool utilized by hotels to incorporate social and environmental concerns into their daily operations. CSR is built on the hotel industry's moral culture for community and environmental sustainability, as well as maintaining the interests of its stakeholders. In Nigeria, the hotel business has also absorbed social issues and embraced CSR strategies of helping disadvantaged communities, increasing diversity among its staff, and improving employment culture; Transcorp Hilton Abuja is a pioneer leader in this arena. This study analyzed the body of available literature on the extent of a hotel's CSR efforts that may affect community development in the Adamawa Metropolis in Nigeria. It became evident that a company's ability to properly manage connections with key constituencies such as customers, employees, communities and even stakeholders is critical to its success. It was discovered that the hotel organization's decision-making process must take stakeholders into account. CSR is a broad concept that incorporates a wide range of activities and actions that businesses must conduct in order to thrive, sustain, and expand their operations.

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Juliana Philip Ndalnamu, Aina O.C., & Tijani Nasiru. (2023). Exploring Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development in Adamawa Metropolis, Nigeria- A Critical Review. International Journal for Social Studies, 9(4), 1-20. Retrieved from