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International Journal for Social Studies (IJSS) with ISSN 2455-3220

International Journal for Social Studies serves as a forum for Social Studies scholars from around the world to present and discuss common concerns. The journal’s mission is to heighten awareness of the international, global, and transnational nature of issues in social education. We aim to provide a forum for educators, college based teachers and researchers, teacher educators’ and classroom teachers, interested in rigorous research on their practice, from across the globe. The journal is particularly interested in issues that affect classroom teaching of Social Studies internationally.

International Journal for Social Studies is an open access journal for publication of research papers in the field of social sciences like sociology, political science, ethics, civics, international relations etc.

Vol 10 No 3 (2024): Vol-10-Issue-3-March-2024

The International Journal for Social Studies (IJSS), identified by its ISSN 2455-3220, serves as a platform for Social Studies scholars worldwide to engage in dialogue about shared interests. Its primary objective is to raise awareness regarding the global and transnational dimensions of social education issues. Our aim is to create a space for educators, researchers, and practitioners in education, including those in colleges and classrooms, to share rigorous research findings and insights into their teaching practices on a global scale. The journal specifically focuses on topics impacting the teaching of Social Studies across different contexts internationally.

IJSS is an open-access publication dedicated to disseminating research papers in various social science disciplines such as sociology, political science, ethics, civics, and international relations. Authors interested in contributing to the journal can submit their papers for consideration via email at

Published: Mar 12, 2024

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